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Raised Praise Living Banners equip the Saints of God with clarity, simplicity, distinct razor sharp precision and exactness IN the word; bringing the oil of the anointing of God to the Body of Christ!

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You are a Raised Gate

Enter into His gates with fullness of heart, a heart of thankfulness. Your thanksgiving will cause His gates to be lifted and His pillars to be raised.

He wants to raise you up that you may enter into his courts.

His Heart, the wing of the Lord is extended over you in Love and as you come in bringing thanksgiving to him, you enter His narrow fiery chamber.

Your thanks-giving brings you into the courts of the Lord, it is there, you develop a heart of understanding and your 'NEW' heart easily turns towards the Lord. 

Coming through rest and entering IN with a pure heart, makes you upright in stature. 

  You are raised as a pillar in His house. 

True praise offered to God can only be given to him from an elevated state. 

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